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The Outlook for the Furniture and Home Decor Industry in 2019

2018 changed into a yr of dynamic changes and numerous companies have ridden this tide with various tiers of progressive questioning and creativity. Companies, specifically the ones operating within the fixtures and domestic decor segment, have visible the marketplace shift appreciably with greater players coming into the Indian plane and consumptions patterns paving manner for virtual spending.

Within the furniture space, Indian families had been present process a transformation over the last couple of years. People have moved from deciding on traditional wooden furnishing to selecting eclectic home decor designed keeping in thoughts the consolation, luxurious tendencies, spacing and different desires of the modern-day-day existence. While the beyond a couple of years have seen a rise in online furnishings options, 2018 heralded a wave of clients placing merchandise and design at the leading edge and channels of buy as a secondary step inside the buying system.


The tempo of acceleration in the furniture marketplace, that’s developing at a CAGR of approximately 35per cent as consistent with XX, will keep posing new and exciting demanding situations for furniture and domestic decor manufacturers. The maximum intuitive and empathetic manufacturers, that assimilate deep expertise approximately their target consumers and offer a wonderful fee proposition, are the ones that are most in all likelihood to prevail as we open our doorways, houses, and hearts to the year 2019. The outlook for 2019 seems promising for furniture and home decor brands, if and best if, they maintain some concerns in thoughts.

Multifunctionality is the New Consumer Buzzword

According to a UN document, 34per cent of India now resides in city areas. Owing to the increasing urbanization, 2019 will see an extended call for multifunctional merchandise. Furniture and domestic decor can be no one of a kind. Products like storage beds, couch-cum-beds, collapsible shelves, and storage seaters have already visible tremendous needs in 2018 and will continue to be key boom drivers in 2019.

If it’s Not Personalized, it Won’t Create Ripples:

With an increase inside the actual property sector and increasing disposable incomes, demand home decor and fixtures industry will see an upward thrust in 2019 but at the equal time, customers will search for customized services to healthy their lifestyle. People have begun to trust that their homes and workspaces are a reflection of their personalities and are properly aware of domestic fashion tendencies globally. 2019 will see greater customers study manufacturers to help them create areas that reflect their identities and could gravitate toward the ones that offer customized services.

This The Season to be Omnipresent

2019 will see an extended blurring of lines among the net and offline markets. A fashion that has already begun picking up, clients will become more centered on the design, first-rate, and convenience of the product. Especially in a high funding sector like furnishings, the cohesive experience across offline, e-commerce and social media channels will need to be measured to apprehend purchaser buy patterns.

Sustainability Will Now be a Must-Have Rather than a Good-to-Have

The furnishings and domestic decor enterprise will also see a number of merchandise in an effort to observe the trend of sustainability. There is no area which could completely forget about the environment anymore and with huge sections of clients making sustainability key attention whilst shopping for fixtures, furniture and domestic decor with organic fabric and substances can be visible trending in 2019.

Customer Data Will Have to be Forward-Looking

Data scientists running with client brands, particularly in the furniture sector, will want to hire deep analytics and smart forecasting techniques to yield effective consequences to relaxed patron loyalty. 2019 will see new avenues created for agencies to music purchaser journeys thru sturdy facts and brands on the way to use it effectively have the ability to seize large mindshare amongst goal audiences.

With predicted market externalities within the coming 12 months, 2019 promises to be a dizzying roller coaster. Companies that stay genuine to their logo ethos and supply sturdy cost to customers inside the face of those changing times will stand tall and overcome the yr to return.

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