Prolific Painters Share Their Top Tips for Painting Extraordinary Portraits

Portrait painting is a complicated challenge. Often, you’re seeking to acquire someone’s likeness—which is itself difficult enough—even as additionally that specialize in the method. But the truth that a great portrait is hard to reap is a fantastic cause to attempt to portray one inside the first region. The only way you’re going to improve […]

At Art Basel Hong Kong, women show they can paint

What would Helen Gorrill say about Indian representation at Art Basel Hong Kong? Gorrill, a British artwork historian, is the writer of the great deal-expected e-book Women Can’t Paint: Gender, The Glass Ceiling And Values In Contemporary Art, a title absolute confidence inspired by way of the German painter Georg Baselitz’ notorious statement. In The […]

The Last Leonardo through Ben Lewis overview

In November 2011, a small Renaissance painting referred to as the Salvator Mundi (“Saviour of the World”) went on show on the National Gallery. It became a compelling, moody, particularly ordinary image: a 1/2-duration parent of Christ with ringlets of auburn hair, retaining a transparent crystal orb. Even greater compelling changed into the label, describing […]

Why Hammershøi is Europe’s exquisite painter of loneliness

Whether he changed into painting a cook stove, a settee or a chain of white doorways, the late nineteenth Century Danish artist Vilhelm Hammershøi controlled to imbue the seemingly common objects in his 1/2-empty rooms with “a pleasant not of this international, a reflection of chic existence,” because the art historian Julius Elias positioned it […]

Painting 250 Years of Racial Violence inside the Americas

in  Claes Gabriel’s crisp, vibrant paintings, somber subjects end up darkly comedian reflections on having the strength — and losing it. Inspired via a line of poetry by means of Kahlil Gibran, “You’ll be pretty friendly together with your enemy while you are each useless,” the 3 works featured in Between Us, on view at […]

Painting-through-numbers literally stored my existence

Dan Robbins, the inventor of the paint-by using-numbers kits, has died elderly 93. His kits inspired generations of budding artists to pick out up a paintbrush and create multi-colored wonders. Here, BBC News website readers share their paintings and tales approximately how the technique helped them. Marilyn Bruce-Mitford, London, UK I become most effective 10 […]

M F Husain’s mural-sized painting ‘Lightning’ famous at Asia Society Museum

A big 10-foot tall mural-sized portray created in 1975 by legendary artist M F Husain as a backdrop for former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s public rally is on display at the renowned Asia Society Museum here. The 60-foot huge oil on canvas painting ‘Lightning’ depicts horses, among Husain’s favorite subjects to color, on 12 big […]

‘Fake’ Botticelli painting is from artist’s studio

Experts cleaning a meant imitation of a Botticelli portray have discovered it changed into clearly created within the Renaissance grasp’s own studio. The work has been notion to be a later copy of the Madonna of the Pomegranate, painted through Sandro Botticelli in 1487. But English Heritage conservators modified their minds after scraping thick yellow […]

US Federal Agents Recovering Famous Paintings, Ruby Slippers

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) went into motion whilst a seventeenth-century Dutch painting turned up on the market in New York City. The painting changed into last visible throughout World War II, while it turned into seized with the aid of pro-German forces. FBI officers discovered of the sale in late 2017. A […]