Sustainable Roofing Buyers’ Guide


For the general public, shopping for a new roof is one of the maximum critical and costly protection choices for their largest funding. For many house owners, the most inexpensive choice is constantly the default choice whilst others select a fashion they prefer and leave the details to a contractor.

It’s now not always clean to discover who makes your roofing fabric. It may be even harder to find out in the event that they recycle or paintings to decrease their environmental effect. But the impact of our roofing picks, both on our homes and at the surroundings, is too notable to ignore.


We’ve researched roofing substances and manufacturers to make buying an eco-friendly roof less complicated. Our results are a ways from comprehensive, however as greater purchasers begin to call for these facts, more manufacturers will begin to offer it. When they do, we’ll update our sustainable roofing results.

In this article, we don’t forget the merits of the maximum not unusual synthetic roofing materials. Natural roofing materials are not synthetic, so they are now not included inside the assessment chart.

Asphalt Shingle

Asphalt is the most inexpensive option. It is so not unusual that many human beings expect you are speaking about asphalt shingles whilst you communicate about roofing.

Laminate shingles (also known as architectural or dimensional) are fiberglass layered between asphalt and ceramic granules. They can be made to seem like more costly materials, together with tile, timber, and slate. Although slightly greater highly-priced than basic 3-tab asphalt shingles, laminate shingles perform better. Single-plane shingle roofs (also known as 3-tab) are the perfect roof to retrofit with a sun panel machine. Several asphalt tile manufacturers even offer solar-integrated asphalt roofs.

Asphalt roofs commonly last 20 to 25 years, however, a few newer, fantastic merchandise will last forty years or extra. Although technically recyclable, maximum asphalt roof shingles turn out to be inside the landfill.
Wood Shingle and Shake

Prized for his or her herbal look, homemade shakes have earned their popularity for being luxurious, however machine-made wooden shingles do no longer value an awful lot more than asphalt. Wood shingles can mold, split, or rot in moist climates.

Untreated wood shakes are unrated for hearth protection and therefore aren’t authorized by way of constructing codes in many areas at risk of wildfires. Fire retardants can help wooden shingles and shakes reap a Class B fire score. Including additional substances inside the roof, the assembly can assist them to meet a Class A score. However, composters will not receive chemically dealt with shingles. Despite those vulnerabilities, timber roofs can final 25 to 30 years. Meticulous preservation and mild climates can enlarge the lifespan to 50 years.

Sourcing wood shingle or shakes from a nearby sawmill will reduce the greenhouse gases related to delivery and make sure a locally suitable wooden species is used. Whether sourcing regionally or from a national logo, look for FSC-licensed wooden.

Metal roofing alternatives consist of metal, aluminum, copper, and alloy strips. They come in various shapes and textures, from status seam panels to shingles that resemble tile or slate. Metal may be greater steeply-priced than asphalt, but besides for copper, it is nonetheless most of the inexpensive roofing alternatives. Proper installation and good insulation are required to reduce noise from rainfall and wind “chatter.” Metal is lightweight, without a doubt fireproof, and particularly perfect to skinny-film sun power structures. Metal roofs last as a minimum of 40 years and might last up to 75 years. They also are the most without problems recycled roofing material.