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We’ve settled in New Zealand – how do I buy a house like a Kiwi?

Our circle of relatives moved to New Zealand several years ago, and we are eventually geared up (financially and mentally) to purchase our first domestic. We have a friend who is a real estate agent in some other metropolis, and they had been giving us advice. We’re mastering a lot approximately the shopping for the process through them because it’s very one-of-a-kind to our use of beginning. The issue that we are locating quite difficult is that there is such a variety of assets kinds to pick from, and we don’t know what we must fear approximately and what is considered “regular’ by Kiwis. We experience as we’ll by no means be able to catch up at the discovered enjoy that different people have. Where do we start?

We've settled in New Zealand - how do I buy a house like a Kiwi? 1

The hard aspect of buying a home is that many people “do not know what they do not know.” If you’re a first-domestic buyer, or it’s been a long term because you had been final within the assets market, or you’ve never offered a home in New Zealand before, it’s probable which you may not have any idea what to appearance out for.

As you will have found, the whole lot can sense hard in brand new united states. Navigating the property marketplace is no exception. We inspire everybody to construct a help group whilst they are ready to buy a property, so they are geared up once they discover an area they prefer.

Family and buddies may be a good source of facts and help. However, you want a few professionals on your side, too. Find an attorney or conveyancer earlier than you start searching at houses and ensure you get their advice earlier than you sign whatever. At the Real Estate Authority (REA), we also advise you to hire a qualified property inspector to test belongings before you’re proposing.


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* Why do I need to show who I am when I’m selling my residence?
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It’s no longer sudden that you’re feeling overwhelmed by way of preference because the New Zealand assets marketplace has everything from 100-year-antique wooden villas to trendy townhouses (and a fair few one-of-a-kind housing sorts in between). You can also buy brand-new assets off a plan or buy an empty section and build your private home.

To slim down the search, assume carefully about what you need – and what you’re organized to spend in time as well as money. Assets with a big garden may look attractive. However, it’ll quickly turn out to be a drag if you’re now not keen on mowing lawns and pulling weeds. Similarly, an old-fashioned vintage-person villa will quickly lose its charms if it’s far still in authentic condition and you’re used to residing in locations that are completely insulated and double-glazed.

Every asset you may see will come with a distinct set of things to think about, which can be tough if you’re used to a assets market wherein all the houses are greater or less the same.

To make that selection simpler, the REA has developed a new, interactive online tool referred to as Property Checker that lives on settled. Govt. Nz. Property Checker, like the call shows, helps buyers discoverability troubles with a property. It’s smooth to apply – all you need to do is answer a set of questions on a property you’re interested in.

For example, if you’ve gone to an open home, the idea, “this can be the place for us,” you can undergo the inquiries to find out what research you have to be doing.

You would possibly just like the look of belonging that turned into built in the early 2000s and has monolithic cladding – setting this info into Property Checker will flag up stuff you want to invite about, together with the house’s weather-tightness and structural integrity. It will even point out possible belongings hazards, which include earthquakes, flooding, coastal erosion, or volcanic eruption, and explain how the special sorts of possession can impact you.

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