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This South Mumbai Flat is up For Grabs at Rent of Rs 64 Only

Well, one Dhunjibhoy Building on Slater Road in Tardeo vicinity has a 1, one hundred rectangular-ft condo mendacity vacant for the past eleven years- and its rent is pegged at Rs sixty-four.

Yes, Rs 64 is in line with the month’s most effective.

But it comes with two conditions:

Since the construction is owned by using R D Mahaluxmiwala Charity Building Trust, that’s a Parsi Trust- it has drawn an agreement with the Mumbai Police, a list that this flat can only receive from a Parsi police officer.

According to reports, for over 60 years, the Parsis have reserved the rental for its network individuals.

The last occupant turned into a Parsi officer named Firoz Ganjia, an assistant commissioner of police who stayed for a few years earlier than vacating the condominium in 2008. Since then, there were numerous requests from home-seekers but none from the Parsi network.

Reportedly, the Trust wrote to the Mumbai Police in March 2018, reminding them that the condominium becomes nevertheless vacant.

The Mumbai Police has long attempted to provide an occupant for the flat but is helpless due to the skewed variety of Parsi inside the force. There are reported to be just Parsi police officers inside the department- out of which one is published out on delegation and the different lives in his very own residence within the metropolis.

A report within the Indian Express quoted one of the caretakers of the locality, J A Katrak, who reiterated, “simplest Parsis can live right here.”

According to current belongings costs in Mumbai, the flat lease would preferably be everywhere between Rs 75,000-1,00,000 in line with the month.

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