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Best Places to Live in Boston for Young Professionals

Boston is a favorite city among young professionals. Between its world-class educational institutions, its budding tech industry, and all the local entertainment options, it has become the 3rd largest market for VC funding over the past 5 years, attracting a huge pool of young talented business people. In this article, we’ve selected some of the best places to live in Boston for young professionals, and we are sure you’ll find something that suits you.

Live in Boston


Brookline is one of the best Suburbs of Boston. It’s ideal for young professionals and families alike and for anyone who puts peace of mind and safety first. The town is located only 4 miles from Downtown Boston, but it also has its own vibrant cultural life. It’s possible to find both big houses and comfortable apartments, whatever you prefer. However, prices are slightly higher in comparison to other Boston areas. Brookline apartments average $2,113 for a 1 bedroom and $2,589 for a 2 bedroom rental. Median home values are also steep here, at $1.2M for a single-family home.

Back Bay

Back Bay is a neighborhood ideal for young professionals who like spending a lot of time outside and socializing with their friends. It’s one of the most beautiful Boston neighborhoods, located near the city’s heart, so it’s no wonder residents flock to this area. Many of Boston’s famous restaurants and bars are here, but that’s not all. There are also unlimited options for entertainment, from sports to spa centers and shopping malls. There are also charming libraries and coffee shops where locals can go to have some peace. Back Bay is considered a very safe neighborhood because police are constantly present due to numerous bars and tourist places. The only downside might be price, as Back Bay apartments typically cost $2,351 for a 1 bedroom and $3,281 for a 2 bedroom, making it one of the most expensive parts of Boston to live in.


Living in Cambridge, MA, has always been a favorite for Boston’s young professionals. With more than 100,000 inhabitants, Cambridge is considered to be a city in and of itself. Like Boston, it has everything that you need, so you won’t ever need to cross the river unless you want to; however, if you work Downtown, the good thing is that Cambridge is well connected to other parts of Boston. The architecture is stunning, and there are many green areas perfect for relaxing after work or outdoor exercising. Cambridge is also home to many successful start-ups, which may be why properties in this neighborhood have a higher price than other parts of Boston. Cambridge apartments average $2,195 for a 1 bedroom and $2,717 for a 2 bedroom.

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