Introducing… Factory Flooring by way of AlumaBridge

Introducing… Factory Flooring by way of AlumaBridge

ANN ARBOR, Mich., April 2, 2019,/PRNewswire/ — AlumaBridge Aluminum Decking isn’t only for vehicular bridges. It’s a suitable replacement for deteriorating factory floors and new business applications that require very excessive load capacities. AlumaBridge Factory Floor Panels are lightweight, prefabricated, and modular for a clean installation. Corrosion-resistant aluminum reduces maintenance and is one hundred percent recyclable. Skid-resistant coatings also are to be had.

“We identified the attributes of AlumaBridge decking additionally supply a super floors answer for factories, warehouses, and other business programs,” says Greg Osberg, AlumaBridge President & CEO, “even as imparting a secure, sustainable and reasonably priced opportunity to steel, concrete and timber.”

Introducing… Factory Flooring by way of AlumaBridge 1

Recently, AlumaBridge provided panels to a huge producer that needed an expanded ground to assist forklifts with every tire exerting a load of 35 kips. The current field was located above some of the tiers, including mezzanines, walkways, and mechanicals that assist production. Welded metallic plates served because of the driving surface for forklift site visitors. Forklift hundreds prompted some welded plates to crack and buckle, requiring repair of the floor and restoration to broken forklift tires and undercarriages. AlumaBridge Factory Flooring panels can remedy those types of problems with not less than downtime and loss of productivity. Moving forward, the AlumaBridge answer gives a smooth safe using the surface with a view to now not crack or buckle, hence lowering destiny maintenance.

AlumaBridge has also provided prefabricated panels for a nuclear electricity plant utility where load capacity is also crucial. In this example, great panel assemblies ought to be periodically removed to protect vital structures beneath. To enhance this system, replacing more massive decking with light-weight AlumaBridge decking will make new managing green, thereby lowering downtime and improving productivity for every destiny cycle of upkeep.

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