Coatings for Commercial & Residential Roofing within the North American Market

The “Coatings for Commercial and Residential Roofing:

The North American Market” file has been introduced to ResearchAndMarkets.Com’s providing.

This file consists of a comprehensive evaluation of all merchandise used within the North American roof coatings marketplace.

The contemporary marketplace call for every product type to be quantified by way of cost and quantity, with projections for boom through 2023. The file affords the trendy in product development and cloth and technology enhancements and a detailed examination of the diverse distribution channels and their dynamics. This file also presents profiles for leading North American roof coatings producers.

Coatings for Commercial & Residential Roofing within the North American Market 1

The file is divided into the subsequent 10 chapters:

Summary and Highlights
Market and Technology Background
Market Review with the aid of Product Type
Market Review with the aid of Distribution Channel
Market Review employing Region
Government Regulation and Industry Organizations
Environmental Programs and Incentives
Analysis of Market Opportunities
Company Profiles

The record consists of:

forty-one records tables and 50 extra tables
An evaluation of the North American market for coatings for business and home roofing
Analyses of worldwide marketplace traits, with data from 2017 and 2018, and projections of compound annual increase rates (CAGRs) thru 2023
Information at the brand new product developments, technological enhancements, and executive. Regulations and their impact on the overall roof coatings market
Evaluation of the enterprise’s shape and its aggressive dynamics
Profiles of leading North American roof coatings producers, along with BASF, The Garland Co., Inc., Henry Co., National Coatings Corp., and United Coatings

Reasons for Doing This Study

There exists a notable kind of roof coatings to be had, and the enterprise as an entire is ever converting. Commercial roof coatings alone are a $900 million enterprise in North America. Residential packages upload another $ seventy-nine million to that discern. The enterprise includes greater than 50 essential companies producing the goods and controlling the distribution channels for that merchandise. This takes a look at profiles of 26 companies out of this group.

The U.S. Roof coatings industry, after peaking between 2006 and 2007, suffered a serious blow inside the latter 1/2 of the ultimate decade for the duration of the Great Recession. In 2009, the enterprise skilled one in all its worst years; but, it began to rebound with a moderate recovery commenced in 2010. That recuperation has persisted in the course of the past eight years. BBC Research predicts the enterprise will retain development step by step over the subsequent 5 years thru 2023.

The U.S. Financial system and the coating industry still face numerous challenges. Coating formulators maintain to struggle with dealing with costs even as still presenting in-call for and progressive products. Regulators, specialists, and clients also maintain to demand green technology because of elevated consciousness of environmental effects. Regulations retain to trade and require consistent monitoring. Companies additionally retain to commercialize new merchandise with novel properties as a way of achieving market differentiation. Much of the innovation is driven using a scarcity of professional exertions. Globalization of coating technology is fostering change, as nicely. The above troubles and lots of more might be addressed in this study.

In the guidance of this report, industry assets, trade literature, manufacturer and distributor websites, and other reference material have been studying, analyzed, and condensed. This examination is a complete reference that defines and describes the roofing enterprise. The enterprise is diverse, innovative, and dynamic. The range of merchandise presently available on the market could be very large – far exceeding the ability of any manufacturer to dominate the industry. The roof coatings market includes massive manufacturers with a market percentage between 6% and 30% and plenty of smaller manufacturers who can develop into major manufacturers.

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