Pile of roofing shingles part of a crackdown on illegal unload sites

Local leaders are cracking down on what they say are illegal unload websites, along with a large pile of roofing shingles on the city’s east facet.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t the handiest one they saw on the latest helicopter ride throughout the region.

“It wasn’t just one or. There had been dozens of them,” says District 7 Councilwoman Ana Sandoval. “Not simply are they an eyesore, but they leech into the water.”

Pile of roofing shingles part of a crackdown on illegal unload sites 1

Bexar County Commissioner Kevin Wolff turned into additionally on that chopper tour.

“You can see the oil discharge it is going into the rivers,” Commissioner Wolff says.

He pointed the Trouble Shooters to some other large unlawful sell-off web page, this one in East Bexar County: a mountain of production substances that’s been stated using both the county and the kingdom.

“I was surprised at the scale of some of these items,” Commissioner Wolff says.

Even with unload sites being severe environmental dangers, the Trouble Shooters found out how legal guidelines are written; it is tough for nearby leaders to maintain belongings owners accountable.

“There are limits in what we will nice people,” Commissioner Wolff says. “We can be pleasant you $500 a day for whenever you are now not compliant. Well, this one employer became making $50,000 a month. And so the price-benefit evaluation in their mind become, I don’t care, first-rate me all you need. Not that they had been paying those fines anyway.”

Local leaders are operating to put more enamel into the laws and make it easier to get the sell-off websites cleaned quickly.

Many of the websites are in isolated city elements and are hard to look at from the road.

“And these are websites that virtually grew inside the past yr or so whilst plenty of our roofs had been being repaired due to the hail storms,” Councilwoman Sandoval says.

As a homeowner, you’re accountable for ensuring your contractor suggests you a signed piece of paper explaining where they’re dumping constructing substances. State regulation preserves you accountable for the disposal of those substances.

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