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Scottish female behind naked cleansing carrier searching out new recruits

A naked cleaning business launched in Edinburgh has grown a hit after presenting services in the buff for up to £75 an hour.

Victoria Murphy set up Glimmer’s final year to strip back the trouble of household chores via offering cleaners to carry out tasks together with ironing and hoovering at the same time as absolutely naked.

The 25-year-antique occasions graduate now employs fifteen bare cleaners – inclusive of 3 guys – who fee between £55 and £ seventy-five an hour for their carrier.

Scottish female behind naked cleansing carrier searching out new recruits 1

The Capital entrepreneur has now attracted UK-extensive attention after being interviewed by using the Press Association.

In November, Victoria advised The Edinburgh Evening News the employer is a cleaning carrier. She stated: “There is a positive detail of this commercial enterprise this is sexual. But there’s a first-class line of being within the adult enterprise and not.

“There isn’t any intercourse involved. Glimmer is commonly a cleaning service with all our employees having beyond enjoy”

Victoria is now expanding the company and is searching out recruits to sign up for her ranks in other components of Scotland.

Speaking to PA, she explained why she selected to launch a naked cleansing corporation:

“I knew I wanted something which could be fun and risqué, however not extreme.

“We aren’t an escort carrier. What we offer is amusing and flirty. When I did it for a while, I had amusing, and nothing untoward happened.”

Victoria believes her enterprise demanding situations the stigma surrounding the sex enterprise and wants her employees to experience body confidence: “None of my personnel ever need to do something they don’t feel comfortable with.

“The client will choose the option they decide on, and I will fit the cleanser to that desire.

“The maximum important element is that someone has professional cleansing revel in.“Then they want to have an amazing persona, due to the fact engaging with the patron, chatting to them and feeling comfy being bare is all a part of what makes someone right for this function.”

Victoria introduced:

“[And] I am still working element-time as a beautician doing nails primarily. However, I am decided to achieve this enterprise, so I do work truly difficult.”

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