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Game of Thrones-Inspired Home Decor for Truly Die-Hard Fans

From planning viewing parties for the next five weeks to diving deep into the Game of Thrones subreddit to examine up on all possible theories and clues we would’ve ignored from Season eight, Episode 1, there’s handiest a lot you could do to prepare for the next episode. Or so we idea, because a pair of home decor brands have long passed above and past to help you absolutely transform your home right into a chic, Game of Thrones-inspired area.

Modern, present-day domestic decor manufacturers High Fashion Home and Corbett Lighting have shared three appears that’ll inspire you to either ditch your on-fashion artwork deco portions and shag rugs or purchase a few statement pieces to sprinkle in a bit of Game of Thrones-stimulated magic throughout your house — that is, if you have the money to spend. Many of these portions value a quiet penny.

Game of Thrones-Inspired Home Decor for Truly Die-Hard Fans 1

From reworking your residing room right into a wintry hideaway, a Los Angeles Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, mimicking Cersei’s bedchamber, or giving your area a dark, dungeon experience, here’s the way to spend hundreds of bucks to pay homage to the Season eight most reliable.

What’s more romantic than taking a dragon experience to a scenic waterfall with your aunt? Expect to drop nearly $five 000 on that intricate, Venetian glass chandelier.

Image: High Fashion Home, Lulu, and Georgia.

Augustine couch, $1,609 at High Fashion Home

Discovery coffee desk, $359 at High Fashion Home

Mont Blanc chandelier, $four,726 at Corbett Lighting

Night and Day painting, $2,059 at High Fashion Home

Glass wall gemstones, $498 at High Fashion Home

Alma sheepskin rug, $148 at Lulu and Georgia

Stark cease desk, $1,398 at High Fashion Home
Cersei’s bedchamber

There is no need to sleep with the sleaziest guy around to the living room with ease in a gold-laden, Cersei-inspired bedroom! Image:

High Fashion Home.

Parc Royale chandelier, $2,196 at Corbett Lighting

Tilly chair, $830 at High Fashion Home

Virtue painting, $669 at High Fashion Home

Loloi rug, $259 at High Fashion Home

Brie facet table, $298 at High Fashion Home

Lisa wall decor, $219 at High Fashion Home

Elephant vibrant gold tabletop, $ forty-one. 95 at High Fashion Home

The closing hearth

If the wight boy from the House of Umber shrieking didn’t traumatize you for life, you then’ll feel proper at domestic on this secure dungeon.

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