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Rent the Other ‘Brady Bunch’ House in Studio City for $12,500 a Month

The “Brady Bunch” residence presently being restored to its former groovy glory for an HGTV series isn’t the handiest domestic with a tie to the enduring ’70s sitcom.

Every other domestic—additionally in Studio City, CA—served as the home of Mike Brady and the lads before they moved in with Carol and the girls within the first episode of the series. Now you can hire this pad with a Brady connection for $12,500 in line with the month.

This one is still owned by using the same family for whom it was designed through Paul Williams and Howard Frank returned in the early ’60s. Located within the rural superstar enclave called Fryman Canyon Estates, the home has been distinctly nicely preserved. Furthermore, we suppose it’s colder than the more magnificent well-known Brady residence, placed approximately 2 miles away.

A stable glimpse of this home is regarded inside the display’s first episode, titled “The Honeymoon.”

Rent the Other 'Brady Bunch' House in Studio City for $12,500 a Month 1

Like the greater familiar domestic, the blended circle of relatives wound up sharing; this domestic’s outdoors changed into used for establishing shots in scenes wherein architect Mike Brady is nervously preparing for his wedding ceremony. His sons and housekeeper Alice attempt to calm him down, and also, you see him in front of the house, strolling to and from his car.

Perhaps the own family has to have stayed put on this glorious domestic. After all, it offers four bedrooms: one for the dad and mom, one for the boys, one for the ladies, and one for Alice.

It also has four bathrooms, so the men and ladies would not have had to a percentage in that unusual Jack-and-Jill arrangement.

The icing on the cake?

This domestic sits on a spacious, four,016-square-foot lot with fabulous landscaping and a pool!

Think of the pool events and the pool policies Mr. Brady might have set forth for the youngsters! Plus, there could be lots of room for Tiger and Fluffy to avoid each other.

We’ll possibly never know why this domestic wasn’t used for the rest of the series. However, show author Sherwood Schwartz reportedly lived in Fryman Canyon and became friends and associates with the proprietors of this domestic earlier than he moved to Trousdale Estates.

One thing is definite: If it were the “Brady Bunch” house, there is no way anybody could be capable of hire it for $12,500 in line with a month.

The original homeowners passed the trendy property on to their children. It’s now in a family partnership and has been an apartment property for extra than a decade.

Dan Weiser of The Agency, who has represented the home over time, says it is popular with families, particularly folks who want to entertain since the grounds are so spacious. It’s also in the coveted Carpenter School District, which boasts public schools among the first-class within the state.

What makes the home a real standout, he says, is the abundance of storage areas. There are more than one stroll-in closets, cupboards, bookcases, drawers, and shelves, some of them cleverly hidden in the back of wood panels.

The home sits back from the road, at the back of mature foliage, and it backs up onto Wilacre Park, a nature conservancy. Fryman Canyon Estates is understood for its mountain park and trekking trails. However, this home is hidden from prying eyes.

The home’s “swanky midcentury contemporary feel” also appeals to style aficionados, Weiser adds. It’s effortlessly placed near the studios inside the San Fernando Valley, in addition to the enjoyment hubs of Hollywood and Beverly Hills.

It seems that Carol and Mike Brady overlooked out when they moved from this midcentury contemporary masterpiece to the more popular cut up-level presently being made over via HGTV. Oh nicely. That’s showbiz. Their loss is a lucky tenant’s advantage.

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