New Roofing Industry Rival Tries to Steal Tesla’s Sunshine

Elon Musk these days declared 2019 because of the “year of the solar roof.”

The Tesla Inc. Chief executive officer may be proper — however, now not in the way he’s expecting. While the automaker tries to manufacture its textured glass, sun cell-embedded rooftop tiles, every other institution of ambitious rivals raises roofers.
One of the biggest roofing corporations worldwide has begun supplying its version of a sunroof — panels laid right up towards the top of a house and surrounded by shingles. Standard Industries Inc. Has acquired 200 orders for its product to this point and expects to ship 2,000 this year, said Martin DeBono, president of the organization’s GAF Energy.

It’s direct competition for Tesla, which has until now been the most straightforward predominant sport in town with solar roofs. Industry stalwarts Sunrun Inc. And Vivint Solar Inc. Affix panels atop roofs instead. A move with the aid of the development enterprise into the solar-roof space demanding situations a business that Tesla has struggled to get off the ground on account that an excessive-profile launch in 2016 — and threatens economics throughout the rooftop enterprise as solar customers come less expensive for developers already shrunk to install roofs.

The way GAF’s DeBono sees the sun opportunity: “Rather than be disrupted, allow’s be the disrupter.”

Sunrun and Tesla declined to remark. Vivint didn’t respond to a request for a remark.

A Solar Takeoff

New Roofing Industry Rival Tries to Steal Tesla's Sunshine 1

GAF isn’t always the only roof repairer expanding within the solar space. PetersenDean Roofing & Solar started supplying panels five years ago, did nine 800 installations in 2018, and is on pace to double that this 12 months, said Steve Huber, the company’s vice president of customer income. Building product supplier Saint-Gobain unit CertainTeed started a solar division in 2010.

Their merchandise is not all precisely identical. For instance, Tesla’s solar rooftop is a customize-able, made-to-order product. GAF makes a one-length-suits-all alternative it is geared up to install correctly out of the field. Others affix panels to roofs with racks and brackets.

Builders are increasing into the sun just because the enterprise is making ready for installations to take off. California requires panels on new houses starting next year. That ought to improve the country’s annual hooked-up capacity to nearly 1.6 gigawatts in 2020 from about 950 megawatts a last year, consistent with BloombergNEF. Sunrun and Vivint are already lining up partnerships with home developers in instruction.

“There is a capability for solar to be presented by way of other trade offerings, including roofers, electricians, and home-renovation experts,” stated Hugh Bromley, a New York-primarily based analyst at BloombergNEF. “Solar in its own right would not want to be its enterprise.”

For its component, Tesla recounted in the past due January that it became continuing to install sunroofs “at a slow pace” as it attempts to improve its manufacturing abilities. On Thursday, Musk said the agency is turning its attention to the product now that manufacturing its Model three sedan is “going quite well.”

The solar roof is not “a needle-mover for Tesla’s stocks,” Jeff Osborne, an analyst at Cowen & Co., said in an interview. “Right now, it is on the whiteboard of numerous Tesla products that have been proposed or discovered that do not exist in mass quantity,” he said.

As for GAF Energy, the company expects to deliver approximately 10 megawatts of solar structures this year in 9 U.S. States along with California and New York. For assessment, a nuclear reactor generates upwards of one,000 megawatts.

“We’re a growing startup in a hot area, and we are starting from 0,” DeBono stated. “The aim is to make roofers solar humans.”

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