Peet Roofing Educates Homeowners About Common Misconceptions After a Hail Storm

Hail affects all kinds of shingles and may purpose more significant damage than maximum would anticipate.

Hail damage can purpose instantaneous damage after a storm; however, most of the time, it reasons gradual deterioration over time that homeowners do now not observe until it’s far too past due.

Hail affects asphalt shingles, causing granular loss from the face of the shingle. This exposes the matting below, making the shingle liable to harm from the sun’s rays.

Peet Roofing Educates Homeowners About Common Misconceptions After a Hail Storm 1

Over time, this causes the shingle to dry and crack, which may grow to be a leak.

That is why homeowners need to get their roofs inspected after most major hail storms.


• I don’t see any damage; I assume my roof is ok.


To the untrained eye, hail, harm isn’t always detectable; only skilled professionals can tell you if your roof is broken.

• My roof isn’t leaking, so it should be excellent.


Hail harm is often very insidious:

Your roof may not leak for months after a hail storm. However, the damage has already been accomplished, and your roof is being uncovered at an accelerated price.

All roofs aren’t created the same:

Tile roofs rarely are damaged to the point of requiring replacement, while shingled roofs are more likely to incur damage, mainly if the tents are a few years antique.

Telltale signs and symptoms of hail harm:

Excessive granules coming off of the roof after rain. Granules on driveways, accumulating close to downspouts, etc. Dents on smooth metals, inclusive of downspouts, gutters, vents, etc.

Always have someone look at your roof that is exceptionally skilled in hail harm:

Not absolutely everyone consisting of many roof contractors understands hail harm.

Peet Roofing has more than two decades of experience in Central Florida, particularly in hurricane dama. Thehe organization has an A-plus score at the Better Business Bureau – with thousands of satisfied clients!

Peet Roofing works with your coverage enterprise and adjuster to ensure your claim is resolved right away and to your satisfaction.

Peet Roofing is wholly insured and functions a 5-year quality warranty, and there’s no money down until work is completed!

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