EBS curbs mortgage switchers looking to avail of a couple of cashback offers

EBS has grown to be the present-day economic institution to lessen over-keen loan switchers from availing of a couple of cashback offers in one year, as lenders appearance to curtail switching activity.

The absolutely-owned subsidiary of AIB is now applying a general rule wherein switcher candidates have to had been with their preceding lender for at the least 365 days before the building society will consider their mortgage application and hence their entitlement to a cashback.

The flow from EBS follows its selection earlier this year to ramp up its cashback provide from 2 percent to 3 in keeping with a cent for borrowers staying with the institution for five years, and approach that it’ll now be more stringent for homeowners to avail of more than one cashback deals via switching several instances. For example, one poster on askaboutmoney.Com, for example, controlled to earn €18,000 from cashback offers in 365 days by turning three times; first to PTSB, then to Bank of Ireland after which to EBS.

EBS curbs mortgage switchers looking to avail of a couple of cashback offers 1

The circulate from EBS is in keeping with different gamers in the cashback market. Currently, three creditors are providing percent cash back on the price of your mortgage – Permanent TSB (2 consistent with cent), EBS (up to a few according to cent), and Bank of Ireland (up to three percent). KBC offers a hard and fast €three,000 cashback to switchers, AIB gives you €2,000, and Ulster Bank gives €1,500 to switchers to help with criminal expenses.


That imparting cashback offers all now impose limits. Permanent TSB, for instance, will now not bear in mind you are eligible for a switcher cashback until you’ve been with your preceding lender for at least two years, even as Bank of Ireland imposes the equal restrict – 12 months – as EBS.

Cashback deals have been criticized for costing homeowners extra, with a study last yr finding that those loan offers could end up costing a borrower as tons as €30,000 greater over the life of a loan due to the better charges related to such merchandise. However, some house owners have sought to make the most of the cashback by switching more than one time.


Lenders formerly encouraged debtors to switch much less often via implementing a clawback on their cashback offers. Up until 2016, as an example, the Bank of Ireland had a situation that allowed it to claw returned its two according to cent cashback if the borrower both repaid their mortgage in full or switched, inside of five years of drawdown.

However, in 2016 the EU Mortgage Credit directive outlawed such conditions. Nonetheless, a few creditors have adopted a one-of-a-kind circumstance to try and maintain on to customers by offering a brought incentive – inside the case of Bank of Ireland and EBS – for customers no longer switching for five years.

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