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It Looks Like the $40 Million House from ‘Selling Sunset’ Is Still Up for Sale

If you like extravagant houses, competition shows, and lady drama, we’ve got just the show which will add to your Netflix queue. The 8-episode docusoap series facilities across the Oppenheim Group, an actual estate firm that caters to Los Angeles’ maximum prosperous clients. It’s referred to as Selling Sunset, and it’s kind of like if The Hills and Million Dollar Listing had an infant.

They purchase and promote homes for celebrities like Kris Humphries and Orlando Bloom and represent CEOs from corporations like Halo Ice Cream and Sugar Bear Hair; those dubious gummy endure vitamins the Kardashians get paid to submit about.

And at the center of their real property operation are six appealing (if a touch plastic) women who’re liable for all of the wheeling and working behind the curtain.

And Selling Sunset fans — as well as all and sundry familiar with real estate — realize the purpose the marketers are operating so tricky to affect their Oppenheim bosses Jason and Brett is the hefty fee they’re promised after selling assets (we are talking inside the hundreds of thousands).

It Looks Like the $40 Million House from 'Selling Sunset' Is Still Up for Sale 1

Within the first few episodes, the twins convey the relaxation of the group to their most coveted forty million dollar listing, a 20,000 square foot asset in Hollywood Hills, which would leave the promoting agent with $1.2 million in commission.

Take a look inside that public $40 million houses from Selling Sunset.

If there were one grievance of the show, the Netflix series would not do a super job at tying up its storylines on the quit. Some catty fights mysteriously fade away with no resolution. It is tough to inform how Mary and Romain depart their courting. We are left kind of within the darkish regarding Maya Vander and whether she’s had her toddler.

But perhaps maximum unusually of all of it, we by no means get to peer which of the fortunate ladies come to be snagging the $1.2 million fees on the end of the display, which feels weirder because selling this $forty million listing is, in a way, the intention of the exhibition, which drives each realtor’s competitive nature.

Perhaps they are saving those statistics for a current 2d season?

Since we could not include our curiosity regarding this fantastic mansion that boasts five bedrooms and nine toilets in a 20,000 square foot area, we did our excellent to scour all of the Selling Sunset episodes, in addition to the Oppenheim Group’s listings, to present you a glimpse of what the residence looks like at the inside and out.
For starters, when Jason and Brett initially take the realtors to peer the 8408 Hillside Avenue list, they mention it is “the largest residence ever built inside the Hollywood Hills” as well as the “largest listing” their employer has ever had. It’s also the ultimate domestic of its size allowed to be constructed in the Hollywood Hills location because the Oppenheim brothers point out “the town shut it down” after the development of this mansion.

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