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East San Jose families sue a landlord for “wrongful” eviction

Four San Jose households who lived in a multi-unit condo complex filed a lawsuit Friday accusing their former landlord of harassment and wrongful eviction, announcing that they have been driven out to replace them for brand new tenants paying a better rent.

The condo complicated is placed at 1558 Crucero Drive in East San Jose.

East San Jose families sue a landlord for “wrongful” eviction 1

In May 2018, the owner Kim Tran surpassed every of the Latino households a 60-day note telling them to vacate the belongings due to the fact she planned on shifting her family contributors into the construction — a circulate permissible utilizing the Tenant Protection Ordinance, a San Jose law that calls for landlords to have an appropriate reason to evict renters in rent-controlled residences.

Attempts to reach Tran on Friday were unsuccessful.

But the complaint alleges that Tran’s spouse and children had no longer moved into the rental complicated three months after the households have been evicted as alternative new tenants were being charged “upwards of $1,000” and greater.

“Our clients have suffered loads. One of the households is renting a garage, even as others are paying double in a lease than what they have been paying at this earlier unit,” said Nadia Aziz, intervening time directing attorney at the Law Foundation of Silicon Valley. “Communities of color are being displaced at, without a doubt, high quotes. This is a flat-out fraudulent way to take gain.”

The complaint portrays the owner as a chronic harasser, scaring the tenants’ children via banging on their doorways, repeatedly demanding that tenants permit her in, and asked after they planned to leave.

According to the lawsuit, the tenants are asking for “no less than 3 instances the number of cash damages,” restitution as well as sufficient to cover lawyer costs and emotional misery.

The 4 families have been long-time tenants, said Aziz, calling the East San Jose house domestic for years — a few so long as 15 years.

“That’s in which my youngsters grew up, in which we had so many special moments. It absolutely affected our lots. It turned into our home,” stated former tenant Hermelinda Ruiz to San Jose Spotlight.

The emotional misery of getting to discover a new domestic in such little time, packing, and in the end transferring disrupted her existence, she stated and averted her from persevering with her college training to come to be a nurse.

Her new condo’s hire — almost double that of her former house — has compelled her to work jobs to pay for the costlier housing costs.

“The eviction destabilized us,” added Alejandra Ruiz, any other former tenant. “It’s my residence, and it became my network and the vicinity in which my daughters grew up. It became not fair. It changed into my domestic. Even if I rented, it became my domestic.”

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