Your manual to ‘inexperienced’ floors

It would have been an alien concept to many if someone had stated sustainable and green flooring alternatives a decade ago. But these days, with the increasing focus on going inexperienced and building homes with a comparable aesthetic, several floors substances were advanced which are recyclable or have recyclable content material, low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

They all leave a small carbon footprint and are sourced from sustainably harvested, recycled, or reclaimed assets. These basically qualify as eco-flooring options and make for exceptional thoughts to responsibly construct or renovate your own home.

Options galore

Your manual to ‘inexperienced’ floors 1

Innovation in addition to research and improvement has given rise to several flexible materials like bamboo, linoleum, glass tiles, cork, reclaimed wooden, and even handwoven Berber carpets (recognized for their knitting patterns, dyes, and cloth textures) that can be used as sustainable flooring options in houses nowadays. “Bamboo is a natural cloth and usually grows in 2-3 years, in contrast to traditional timber, together with teak, that requires around 20-30 years to grow.

Aqua bamboo, a moisture-resistant version, can be installed within the kitchen and different wet areas,” shows Mallikarjuna AV, Vice- President, Sales & Marketing of Vitero Tiles.

Cork is yet every other sustainable cloth as most effective the bark is harvested, and the tree isn’t destroyed inside the system. It gives advantages like noise insulation, has anti-microbial houses, is hearth retardant, and is extremely long-lasting and easy to maintain.

Tile it proper

Glass tiles crafted from recycled glass are non-absorptive and can be used in wet regions, besides being an amazing reflector of mild. Carpet tiles are an innovation that is made from recycled textiles. Linoleum created from a mixture of herbal products like linseed oil, cork flour, tree resins, wood flour, pigments, jute, and limestone is a low poisonous inexperienced material used extensively for floors today.

Vikas Kesarkar, Chief Executive Officer of Morbi (Gujarat), primarily based Lioli Ceramica, says, “Porcelain tiles are a hundred% recyclable and do not comprise volatile organic compounds or emit harmful gases. They are non-porous, heat and waterproof, and offer a longer lifespan with almost zero upkeep. They are also to be had in one-of-a-kind outcomes consisting of wood, steel, herbal marble, and cloth and for that reason help keep forests and herbal landscapes.”

What’s popular?

Vitrified tiles and reclaimed wood are several alternatives that can be rapidly gaining recognition. Vitrified tiles are made from clay and are typically manufactured with the use of natural gas. “Vitrified tiles which include double-charged variants are long-lasting and clean preserve because of their superior floor end, sharpening and moisture resistance,” says Mallikarjuna. As a result, lowering carbon footprint. As a result, lowering carbon footprint.

Wood flooring that is either PEFC (Pan European Forest Certification) or FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) licensed is any other instance of sustainable floors. While PEFC is the sector’s biggest woodland certification system and is across the world’s general benchmark in sustainability, FSC is a global agency with a venture to control woodland assets globally.

Dhamotharan, Director-operations, Fountain Head Designs Group in Hyderabad, adds, “PEFC/FSC wooden floors come in lots of paperwork together with laminate floors and engineered timber flooring. It is straightforward to apply as it’s miles non-messy and dry constant; subsequently, it doesn’t require glue or chemical adhesive. The cost of good exceptional laminate floors is corresponding to excessive pleasant vitrified tiles.

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