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Senior Exterior Designer and Exterior Designers, Chery

Chery Europe GmbH – New European Design Studio in Raunheim, very near Frankfurt

Chery is a Chinese automobile corporation and an international emblem whose enterprise covers more than eighty international locations and regions.

We welcome you to join a group of relatively talented individuals who possess the abilties to create beautiful, unique, and successful car designs for the worldwide and Chinese marketplace.

Senior Exterior Designer and Exterior Designers, Chery 1

Interested candidates ought to be capable of digitally working manually and in an agile and efficient way. We might be designing for manufacturing as well as for advanced standards.

We want to paintings with flexible and enthusiastic those who might be required to support and encourage Chery design in 3 global locations with their enthusiasm and capability. You will need notable conversation talents and a terrific level of spoken and written English.

Positions Available:

Exterior designers on a contract basis (2 years or greater revel in)
Senior Exterior dressmaker on a permanent foundation (widespread experience)


Confidence and competence in sketching, rendering, 3D CAS version path can be helpful; basic 3D CAS modeling capabilities and strong capability in directing clay models in 1: four and 1:1 scale are applicable.

Your coolest 2D sketches and renderings are continually supported by using affordable 3-D thought. You can break new ground with a watch on production truth.


Create ideas for appealing car outdoors designs and resoundingly gift them.
Be organized to observe any venture globally.
Be aware of the relationship between cost and market segments and replicate this inside the caricature and ideation technique.
Communicate progress clearly and show important troubles early in the method.
Respect all Chery company policy-related tactics.

Further Requirements:

Solid information of the layout manner + an appealing and clean sketching capability, manually and in Photoshop or similar.
Interest in ADVANCED, MODERN, and BEAUTIFUL SURFACING SOLUTIONS, and a desire to discover more.
Proven ability to manipulate Alias modelers output and paintings on models in more than one place globally.
Experience in controlling the full length or scale clay fashions.
Solid expertise in feasibility and industry excellent practice.
Proficiency in Alias/Maya/Speedform/other is useful but not important.
Bachelors degree or equivalent in Automotive or Industrial Design or a related area.

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