Painting-through-numbers literally stored my existence

Dan Robbins, the inventor of the paint-by using-numbers kits, has died elderly 93.

His kits inspired generations of budding artists to pick out up a paintbrush and create multi-colored wonders. Here, BBC News website readers share their paintings and tales approximately how the technique helped them.
Marilyn Bruce-Mitford, London, UK

I become most effective 10 after I did them so that they are not exactly remarkable; however, they may be sixty-four years antique and vintage.

Painting-through-numbers literally stored my existence 1

On the reverse of ‘Coach and Horses’ is a handwritten note from me to my aunt which reads; “Dear Aunty Bett, in case you don’t need this type of photos, (particularly this one) will you ship it lower back please, as Martyn wants one (especially this one). Tons of affection and x’s. From Marilyn. P.S. Happy New Year.”

This poignant note shows that I had been despatched the ‘Painting-by means of numbers kit with a horsey subject for Christmas 1954 – perhaps despatched using my aunt in London and I was now sending her lower back my completed artwork of ‘Coach & Horses’ and ‘The Hunt’ in the New Year, which I had performed during my Christmas/New Year school excursion at home in rural Staffordshire. My brother Martyn, then seven, had truly now not desired to component with ‘Coach and Horses.’
Campbell Forbes, Massachusetts, US

As youngsters in Glasgow, we spent our time between lessons drawing warfare scenes only a dozen years after the battle.

We learned the way to draw tanks, planes and ships, and squaddies. Everything needed to get blown up in the long run. Because we have been kids, sound results have been obligatory. So now, not too a few years later, this acting out become observed by the serenity of painting-through numbers.

As I think again on it 3 rating years and a few later, a few disparaged it as it was about copying, and there has been no originality. Still, like learning a way to use tracing paper, it allowed you to broaden a form of muscle reminiscence. It taught my younger thoughts the discipline of manner.
Miranda Wyeth, Kent, UK

Painting-by using numbers actually saved my life after I had a breakdown remaining yr.

I should barely feature, and my anxiety became through the roof. I become crying all of the time, and the entirety felt like an overload.

Using numbers helped me heal and gave me a ruin from the pain I was in. The act of painting each shape with coloration and being able to close my brain off besides portraying in the strains made this type of distinction to my restoration time, and I credit score it with getting me to where I am nowadays.

I chose the photo because I like animals, and the colors have been appealing to me. There is also mild unhappiness inside the deer’s eyes which spoke to me.

I accept that this picture took me about three weeks to finish, doing about one or hours a day.

I used to do them as an infant. It turned into my first grownup paint-via-numbers package. I perform a little bit of drawing, and I like the concept of painting; however, I do not experience assured sufficient to start a photograph myself from scratch. I like the reality that every hard work is already done with a paint-via-numbers kit, and at the quit, you realize the photograph could be lovely.

I framed the portray I finished and placed it on my wall to strike a chord in me of what I did and how I overcame that tough time.

Melissa D Matthews, Pennsylvania, US

I painted this in 2014 when I turned it into an artwork magnificence at college. I went lower back to college as a non-traditional scholar in my 50s (and grandmother) to get a diploma in Geography and Planning at Bloomsburg University. While I was there, I additionally managed to get a minor in Art Studio. I loved doing artwork as an infant and bear in mind fondly the unique paint with the aid of range sets.

I gave the portrait to a pal of mine who is a local of Florida because she in no way receives peer snow. We had both worked collectively in photography and framing save and enjoyed framing paintings.
Nancy Pope, Florida, US

I picked up a portray-by means of-numbers package for the primary time in 2011. This becomes my first time trying this sort of craft. I became absolutely stunned by how lovely it got here out. I cherished it then, and I still love it.

I selected that specific paint-by means of quantity package because I cherished the hummingbird and the colorful colorations.

I was given a brand new paint-via-quantity package from my youngest daughter for Christmas this past year. It’s a Japanese lawn landscape. I just discovered my paintbrush set, and I’m getting ready to start this new journey.

Margie Willis

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