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This 17th-century mansion is an exemplary show off of vintage interiors

You’d be forgiven for questioning you’d stumbled right into a museum. Certainly, no person could accuse John Coury and Florent Maillard of CM Studio Paris of harboring parsimonious layout sensibilities. Located on Rue Quincampoix, one of the oldest streets of Paris in the Marais region, this seventeenth-century mansion was built at the beginning of the reign of Louis XIV. Maison Sémonville is stimulated via Charles-Louis Huguet de Montara, the Marquis de Sémonville—France’s ambassador to the Ottoman Empire. “We obtained an empty condo with everything in a terrible condition of disrepair…we had to update even the floors and also relocated rooms. Only the old fire area and the beams on the ceiling had been retained,” says John.

Maison Sémonville, Paris: Vintage Meets Contemporary

This 17th-century mansion is an exemplary show off of vintage interiors 1

Packing this equal of a grand British townhouse with serious pieces of art and vintage add-ons, the design duo has sourced duration fixtures, fabrics, and paintings from all over the world. Carpets, lamps, old basins, and historic objets d’art had been curated from the finest vintage dealers, bringing gravitas to the layout. “We meticulously curate antique and decorative portions – a method which calls for lots endurance and diligent looking for simply the right piece to suit right into an area, to create the impact which we’ve visualized,” says John.

Maison Sémonville, Paris: Baroque Baseline

To complete the photo, velvets, glowing silks, and golden fringe trim with tassels are used generously. An unabashed use of color also describes the domestic. “Using white is like now not choosing. There isn’t any threat in the use of white…it’s a safe alternative,” says John. “The sensibility here is essentially Baroque, with touches of Rococo.”

Maison Sémonville, Paris: Classical Manifestation

“We also revel in including a touch of modern artwork thru very one-of-a-kind decided on gadgets in a very classical indoors,” says Florent. “We like to give a soul to our tasks, and we selected an eclectic method using blending periods and origins via the gadgets and fixtures we decided on, finding our inspiration each in the East and the West.”

Maison Sémonville, Paris: Timeless Interiors

Reinventing the past, they devise the phantasm that the whole lot has always been there…prepare via, as a minimum, a few generations of creditors who had been rooted in that space. Modern-day conveniences, however, aren’t sacrificed. “Although we’ve got an ardor for seventeenth and 18th-century architecture, we make no concessions in absolute consolation tiers in our projects. We consider that undying interiors have to nevertheless gain from all the upgrades introduced by era,” says Florent. Cognisant of convenience and luxury, the design negotiates skillfully across the requirements of a modern-day way of life.

Maison Sémonville, Paris: Showcasing Antiquity

Lavishing the facades, ceilings, the staircase, and the beams inside the dwelling room with attention, the layout duo identified fundamental aspects of the antiquity of the assets. To this, they delivered portions of vintage fixtures dating from the 16th, seventeenth and 18th centuries, creating a valuable, heady mix. The oldest piece in the domestic is a 2nd century stone statue from Yemen, placed in the eating room. Overhead, a 17th-century painting depicting the assembly between Cleopatra and Marcus Antonius represents the confluence of the East and West.

Maison Sémonville, Paris: Meeting of Empires

“The living room is the centerpiece of the condo, with a ceiling height of 5 meters and a huge stone fireplace inscribed with indecipherable inscriptions from the vintage French language. Two large canvas paintings by way of Italian Renaissance painter Andrea Vicentino cover the wall above the hearth, representing the meeting of Ottoman and Venetian ambassadors and depicting the Marquis de Sémonville,” says Florent.

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