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Sandy Costello Vargo of Scottdale remembers nicely when she acquired her very own set of gear.

As she wrote on her internet site, Pink Tool Girl, “After my son was given locked in our toilet and I couldn’t discover a screwdriver in residence to rescue him, I desired my set of tools. Why no longer pink? I’m in a house complete of boys, so as a minimum, every person is aware of which equipment is mine.’’

Vargo said her husband, Andy, went out after the bathroom incident and purchased her a device kit. But this became not the first time Vargo treated gear. She has been taught by way of her father, the late Paul Costello, of Connellsville, and had constant up apartments in which she lived and worked on units and surroundings for productions at Laurel Highlands High School in North Union Township wherein she previously taught music and theater.

Vargo explained that her husband was taught via his father and grandfather, and the couple enjoys solving their home. That’s how they evolved the Pink Tool Girl website (www.Pinktoolgirl.Com), helping others with their Do-It-Yourself projects through how-to articles, courses, films, and test lists.

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“It started as a weblog in May 2015, after which it morphed and altered into what I became exact at,’’ stated Vargo, who handles the creative quit while her husband handles the engineering aspects. “I like assisting human beings in locating the right tools for what they’re doing — bridge the distance between what they need to do and displaying them the way to do it.’’

DIY has been around for many years, along with mechanics, crafts, gardening, and home improvement. The U.S. Census Bureau notes that 37 percent of home development initiatives between 2009-11 had been do-it-yourself.

There are a few matters to consider earlier than getting began. That consists of the size of the challenge.

“Some people strive for an assignment that’s too advanced at first and say, ‘I can’t do this,’ said Vargo. “You have to accumulate to it.”

She cited human beings also need the desire to do the challenge.

“Can everyone paint? Most people, yes, however, me — I hate to do the rims. I know that about myself, so my husband does it,’’ Vargo stated.

People managing a do-it-yourself assignment for the primary time might also want to begin with something small. Vargo recommended taking a chunk of furnishings, inclusive of a chair, and portray it.

“It’s so easy and so sensible. It’s something you may do in a day and say ‘I didn’t know I could do this,’’’ determined Vargo. “Some human beings are afraid to reduce to rubble. Take a chair and a can of paint and see if you can do this. Most humans find once they rework one issue, they could cross from a chair to a table to a cabinet. Little projects come to be being large initiatives.’’

Those tackling a task need to keep in mind the value and if it suits their price range.

“One of the first matters I did change into I located a table at Goodwill for $10. I painted and stenciled it, and we nevertheless use it as our eating room table,’’ Vargo said.

Research is essential, with Vargo occasionally noting that a product may cost a little higher but will last longer.

Also, recall the time wanted to finish an assignment. For example, installing a new floor in a small bathroom takes much less time than installing a story in a kitchen and living room.

And do they have the equipment wanted for the job?

Some tools should be bought even as others may be rented or borrowed. Vargo additionally cautioned checking shop coverage to peers, for instance, if they’ll reduce wood for a customer.

Vargo stated most people would try a domestic development mission to save cash. However, many do it for creative reasons.

“Sometimes you need to personalize it to your style – whether it’s French u: S. Or farmhouse. So many humans won’t purchase something as it’s not the proper shade. Make it your tone,’’ Vargo stated.

She stated people attempt DIY because they may be curious to peer if they could build or customize something.

“There are loads of creative human beings, and I love to peer what they can do,’’ Vargo commented.

The Vargos have executed floors, countertops and brought down walls. They research alongside the way.

But Vargo advises knowing the distinction between what a person can and can’t do.

Vargo mentioned, “People will say, ‘Oh, I hate the coloration of this bathroom.’ Then paint it – that’s clean. Not so easy.’’ ‘I don’t like the layout of this house.’

The Vargos use contractors for projects they’re not capable of manage or to save time. And Vargo referred that she doesn’t do plumbing and electric work.

“We realize our limits. Some humans can do plumbing. That’s now not in my wheelhouse,’’ said Vargo, adding, “I suppose safety first. You can be handling water harm. That’s why we always name a plumber.’’

She added, “Know your barriers and when to call inside the professionals. It’s specific for all people.’’

But folks that are in a position to perform DIY tasks find a feeling of pleasure.

“I find it irresistible,’’ said Vargo, “and I locate when a person does it themselves, it’s an excellent bragging proper because that becomes something they have been capable of doing.’’

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