Can Plumbing Problems Cause Electrical Fires?

The average owner of a house probably doesn’t think about plumbing problems as growing fireplace risks. After all, aren’t those complete one-of-a-kind structures inside the domestic? Technically, yes, they’re that doesn’t suggest you can’t affect the alternative. Certain plumbing problems can, in fact, purpose electrical fires. Sometimes, the plumbing creates a fire threat; in different instances, the risk occurs even as seeking to repair the hassle. Let’s look at a few common examples.

Hidden Pipe Leaks

Can Plumbing Problems Cause Electrical Fires? 1

As a part of your home’s infrastructure, quite regularly, pipes and electric wiring run close collectively in the back of the walls and/or below the floors. If either/each is aging or has vulnerabilities, it may be a recipe for catastrophe. Hidden leaks in the pipes can motive water to drip onto the wires. If the water touches an uncovered part of the wire, or if the cord insulation is faulty, it could reason a quick-circuit or sparks that may ignite a fire.

Frozen Pipes/Heat Tape

Many house owners observe warmth tape to their exposed pipes to save them from freezing in winter. However, if the heat tape isn’t implemented efficaciously or is otherwise defective, the electric detail inside it could overheat and ignite a fire. In reality, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) estimates that warmness tape reasons 2000 fires in keeping with 12 months, causing a hundred injuries and 10 deaths.

Soldering Pipes

While now not a direct cause of the electrical fire, the flame from a blow torch used for soldering metallic pipes can, without problems, begin a fire until you take appropriate protection precautions. Home development “DIY-ers” make up a massive percent of those incidents because they have been blind to the right protection protocols or the dangers involved.

The precise information is that maximum plumbing-related electrical fires are particularly preventable. If you note better-than-regular water bills, have a plumber test your home for hidden pipe leaks—and when you have safety issues about the right use of heat tape or a blow torch, contact a plumbing expert to help you.


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