Metalwood Studio is Helping Consumers

Sick of fast furniture?

You understand that Scandinavian designed riddles-packed in a box. That dresser you desire you by no means should take aside because you’re quite positive you had been a bit too heavy on that miniature Allen key they tape to it. It looks like we’re either hauling that furniture to the trash on transferring day or giving it away.

Then, that piece of furniture is awkward and feels find it irresistible weighs greater than the house you’re shifting out of. This is generally observed with the aid of grunts and moans, which might be accompanied by using a “they don’t make ’em like this anymore.”

Metalwood Studio is Helping Consumers 1

What if there was something proper in that sweet spot inside the middle? Maybe a present-day layout that becomes built to final. Maybe you can even layout it, build it and use a tree out of your own backyard. One of the greater precise matters approximately Metalwood Studio is in Barrie is they do all of that. They have a cellular sawmill, and that they host DIY packages and workshops.

DIY Workshops

“We can take your layout mission from steps one via 10. From timber salvage to kiln drying, fixtures design to maintenance were involved in the whole lifecycle of your custom piece, says Paul Rezaie, President, Furniture Design, Finishing Product Specialist at Metalwood. Rezaie, Joe Orgill (CEO, Milling Specialist), and Josh Mandell (Treasurer, Business Development, Project Co-Ordination) created the commercial enterprise with the consumer’s comfort in thoughts. “We may be as concerned within the assignment as the purchaser needs. If we want to walk thru all of the layout steps, we will.”

Mobile Sawmill

Metalwood also has kiln drying in a traditional DH 4000 b/f kiln. “It’s available to all our customers, experts, and hobbyists says Rezaie. They also carry a full-size collection of particular wooden slabs from various species, in some exceptional dimensions and shapes. The showroom at Metalwood includes a set of finished pieces as nicely.

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