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Turns into increasingly more tough as we age, yet the lawn beckons as strongly as ever,” notes Butte County Master Gardener Kay Perkins. Our our bodies turn out to be much less limber and agile — and extra vulnerable to injury — which makes responsibilities including pulling weeds, pushing wheel-barrows, digging holes, pruning, hauling and moving heavy objects ever extra tough with advancing years.

But the concept of voluntarily giving up the passion and delight of operating within the garden is unthinkable for most gardeners. With that in thoughts, the UC Master Gardeners of Butte County lately held a workshop on the way to stay healthy and energetic within the lawn, imparting realistic recommendation that can help transform daunting chores into sustainable sports. Workshop leaders Kay Perkins and Marsha Ebert shared facts approximately panorama techniques, plant picks, labor-saving strategies and cleverly-designed tools.


The workshop subjects had been summarized from a ebook by way of Sydney Eddison, “Gardening for a Lifetime: How to Garden Wiser as You Grow Older.” Eddison is the writer of six previous books on gardening, and was provided the National Garden Clubs, Inc.’s Award of Excellence in 2010.

For over 50 years, Eddison (who was born in 1932) become an aficionado of time-eating gardening choices: “It took a excellent deal of attempt to make my garden as excessive-maintenance as it’s miles … That become the point of all of it,” she writes. Then a bothersome hip replacement placed a damper on her lawn sports, certainly one of which became “digging extremely good large holes and shifting plants around all of the time.” Refusing to surrender the gardening she loved, she started out gaining knowledge of low-maintenance lawn strategies. Those mentioned on the workshop are explained underneath. A listing of recommended tools and vegetation may be determined at the stop of this text.

Rethinking Perennial Borders: Eddison as soon as designed, planted, and maintained massive perennial borders. Perennials are notoriously exertions extensive, often demanding yr-round interest, which include staking, deadheading, pruning, dividing and neatening and tidying. Granted, they provide full-size rewards in phrases of coloration and texture, and add ordinary hobby to the panorama. Eddison argues that shrubs can play the same function inside the garden, with infinitely less hassle. Shrubs offer the same or greater fee, for less work.

Choose compact or dwarf types of popular shrubs (such as buddleia) that want pruning simplest one or times a year. Shrubs that produce berries add a dash of vivid shade to grey winter days, and provide a supply of food to overwintering and migrating fowl species. Eddison is partial to conifers because they provide 12 months-round color and variegated foliage texture, and also add structural interest within the shape of cones, globes and piles. But choose accurately and think carefully earlier than planting shrubs as they’re extra difficult to transport than perennials.

Perennials that do make the reduce for a decrease-upkeep lawn border must be held to a excessive preferred of top conduct. They must be able to keep appealing shape and colour at some stage in maximum of the seasons, especially our warm, dry summers. Well-behaved perennials should preserve a tidy dependancy, without a flopping or sprawling. If any plant, be it shrub or perennial, tends to dominate some time, you can reduce the variety of them you allow in the garden, or find a alternative.

List, list, listing: Making lists saves time, reduces aggravation and will increase enterprise and performance. Take the time to expand a Master List and a Daily List. The Master List ought to incorporate all garden tasks, huge or small, prepared by means of season and species (including tree, shrub, or perennial), prioritized by means of importance. Your listing might also seem daunting and impossibly long at first, however Eddison guarantees that you may be amazed by means of how lots of these responsibilities you will be able to accomplish. Nothing beats the pleasure of crossing a task off the list for that season.

The Daily List is evolved from the Master List and have to be sensible for the time you could allot to the lawn on any given day, and in your abilities. This listing have to additionally suggest if the project is vital or aesthetic in nature. These lists allow you to preserve from getting distracted or pulled in exceptional guidelines by way of the lawn’s needs. If you’re fortunate sufficient to have a helper in for the day, a listing on your helper will store her or him time.

Hire Helpers: The understanding of age tells you that the ones days of “I can do it all with out help” are over. Start by way of determining what type of assist you want (and this will alternate through the years). Do you want assist periodically with large jobs, on a weekly, month-to-month or seasonal schedule, or would you like to have the ability to name on a person as wanted? Do you want an experienced professional or a person to whom you could train the vital talents? Places to discover garden helpers consist of: horticultural applications at high colleges, vocational faculties and network faculties; referrals from fellow gardeners; and contacts from nearby nurseries. Be sure to be clean about what you want your helper to do. And ensure you’re realistic to your expectancies, the quantity of hours you suspect duties will take, and what you’re willing to pay.

Speaking of Being Realistic: Gardens are simplest best in catalogs and (perhaps) for a quick and finite window of time in our own yards. Learn to just accept imperfections and remember the fact that flowers are constantly in a state of “turning into.” Leave a few lifeless leaves underneath shrubs to function mulch with a purpose to increase your soil. Allow grass clippings to stay at the garden to sink in and feed the grass. By the manner, anything it’s far, if it’s stored brief and inexperienced — viola! — it’s a lawn.

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