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Deadly pollen bomb’ due over Easter

If you’re planning for Easter, bronchial asthma and hay fever patients might want to assume twice earlier than heading into the excellent outside.

The Met Office is forecasting temperatures among the high teens and occasional 20s this weekend and predicting that the tree pollen threat may be excessive in many locations – with birch, ash, and willow pollen because of being airborne.

“A deadly pollen bomb is due to hit this week, setting humans with allergies at risk of a probably life-threatening bronchial asthma attack,” says Sonia Munde, head of services, Asthma UK. “Around 3.3 million human beings with asthma are affected by pollen, that may cause symptoms such as wheezing, a good chest or coughing.”

Deadly pollen bomb’ due over Easter 1

Trees were freeing their pollen for numerous weeks, she says; however, the hot spring weather will make those pollen levels spike. “If you’re already getting symptoms, it’s no longer too late to help yourself stay nicely,” she adds.

Whether you’ve got asthma, hay fever, or a hypersensitivity made worse via high pollen degrees, right here’s some advice for averting it this weekend and for alleviating allergy signs and symptoms if you get them.

1. Start taking antihistamines as quickly as feasible

Asthma UK advises sufferers to take antihistamines and nasal steroid sprays ASAP to ensure you’re covered at some point of pollen season. Various treatments are available, which include non-drowsy antihistamines. Visit bronchial asthma.Org.United kingdom, and a pharmacist allows you to pick out, which is great.

2. Take allergies medicinal drug in case you’ve had it prescribed

If you’ve got allergies, pollen season may be lethal. “Cut your danger of getting an asthma attack by taking your preventer inhaler (generally brown) as prescribed,” says Munde. “This will assist in lessening the underlying inflammation for your airways and making you much less probable to react in case you come into touch with pollen.

“Always bring your reliever inhaler (typically blue) in case your signs and symptoms flare up .”

3. Stay interior on dry, windy days

Prevention is fundamental, and even as no folks need to be holed up internally on a sunny day, it makes sense to maintain the windows closed to shut out airborne pollen.

4. Try the use of petroleum jelly as a barrier

That little tin of Vaseline may be a godsend and prevent pollen from entering your nose. Try dabbing the balm across the nostril vicinity earlier than heading outside.

5. Wear shades and a visor

A huge pair of wraparound sunnies will save you tiny particles of pollen from nerve-racking your eyes. For more protection, a visor or cap will, you from the sun’s UV rays and help stop an allergic reaction from dirt flying overhead.

6. Wash regularly

We all like to feel fresh and smooth, but while the pollen is virtually high, make certain you shower and wash your hair whilst you get within the door. This way, you’ll be washing away any stray debris that might be sticking on your hair, pores and skin, and clothing, and in the end, lessen the chance of greater irritation.

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