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The Magicians’ Presents Big Questions in Home Improvement

Several characters in “Home Improvement,” the title of this week’s funnier-than-normal episode of The Magicians, address some concept of home. First, there’s Fen, who does whatever she will for her hometown, even though that means present process again-breaking yard work for the meant prophet in her desires. There’s additionally Alice, who needs to go to her mom to forged a location spell for Zelda, the Librarian who has her very own domestic-associated preference to find her daughter in the mirror realm. And then there’s a totally pregnant Poppy (an ordinary man or woman played by using Felicia Day), who’s expanding her personal domestic — first by way of stealing dragon sperm to inseminate a dragon egg, after which using embracing the human child developing inside her. Home for the group is a fickle element, something so flittering it’s hard to hold directly to, yet something so compelling that it drives our characters to go perfect lengths to preserve (or push away).

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Fen’s concept of domestic is arguably the most simple and, in the long run, the maximum challenged. Fen is a baby of Fillory:

her entire existence has been committed to protecting her domestic us of a. It’s this determination that drives her to move on a quest (with Margo coming along as her wing-girl) to discover the purveyor of her prophetic goals. This same commitment reasons her and Margo to get conned by a lady pretending to be the prophet, although happily, the best cost to them for doing so is a few hours of menial hard work. Less thankfully, however, when Fen subsequently confronts the real prophet in a dream (a dream wherein she’s transported Margo and Josh, no less), the cat-like creature tells Fen that her future lies with usurping High King Margo.

Meanwhile, Alice needs to face a domestic she’s run far from — she needs her mom, Samantha, to solid a spell. But the two have never gotten along, and their rift has grown right into a chasm since her father died. Alice’s resentment causes their first tries to forged the spell to fail, and it’s best when two Librarians display up to arrest Samantha’s pal Carol (who sells illegal sexy-time voodoo magic) that they admit that they love every different, even supposing they don’t like every other very much. Love is all that’s wished, although, and the spell works, permitting Alice to fulfill her quit of her cope with Zelda. Zelda holds up her give up of the excellent deal: to lose Alice’s new buddy Sheila from the Library’s clutches. Sheila but has inebriated the Library Kool-Aid and become a junior Librarian. Alice is distraught, however, seemingly at the fence approximately the Library at the end of the episode. Maybe Sheila is right? Perhaps the Library may be a new home for her?

The weirdest storyline revolving across the idea of quiet this week, though, belongs to Poppy and her infatuation with dragons. Quentin and Julia negotiate with Harold, the bringing in the dragon of the East River (puns, as always, abound in The Magicians) about buying and selling for one of the stone organs Eliot-Monster is amassing. As the price for the stone, Harold sends them on a task to get better a vial of blue liquid that someone stole for the dragon’s hoard. That someone seems to be Poppy, who’s pregnant and camping out in the Physical Kids Cottage at Brakebills. As we noticed in earlier seasons, Poppy is a dragon enthusiast: she’s even written dragon pornography! The gang unearths out that she’s inseminated a dragon egg (that blue elixir she stole turned into dragon sperm), and the to-be-born dragon has ensorcelled all who contact it, including Poppy Quentin, and, when he tries to steal it, Penny 23. Given her former god fame, Julia is immune from the egg’s powers, and she and Kady run lower back to the East River to exchange the dragon egg for the stone organ Eliot-Monster wants.

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