Miscues can flip boat ramps into adventures

If you own a boat that receives trailered in your favorite frame of water, you are familiar with boat ramps.

When things move right, you back the trailer down the ramp until the boat starts to displace water with the emergency brake or the parking mode. You disconnect the yellow winch strap, park the trailer, start the motor, and you’re off for your fishing spot or different vacation spot.

That is, if things do “cross right.” Sometimes that isn’t the case. If boat ramps may want to talk, the testimonies they might tell.

Living after a hectic boat ramp within the Florida Keys, boat ramp gossip normally reveals its way back to the T-Dock in which Diane and I hide far from the Maine winter on a houseboat named Spoonbill.


Blog … blog … blog. I’ve completed it. You’ve executed it. Of direction, most boaters are keenly privy to the maximum commonplace boat launching blunder: a failure to install the transom plug earlier than release—boost boaters who stay long enough will neglect that essential little plug-in all the pleasure of having the boat within the water. It is stunning how quickly a plugless boat will take on water. Dockmasters will tell you that the primary trip of the brand new season is the maximum not unusual time for this little boat-release miscalculation.

It receives worse.

Up to the street from us right here in the Keys, there’s a country park that has a very steep boat ramp. A couple of years in the past, at that ramp, a hapless fisherman’s spouse subsidized the own family rig down the ramp together with her husband wagging his finger from out of doors the vehicle. She backed it down it pretty properly. She then dutifully scampered out of the car to help hubby with the disconnect when unexpectedly, the entire lash-up — car, boat, and trailer — commenced rolling down the ramp. Neither became harm, but the family vehicle and the trailer have become definitely submerged outboard of the ramp. It was a luxurious time out. The desirable news changed into that the boat floated — aha, the plug became in!

Fishing had to look forward to every other day.

Yesterday, proper round the corner, a boater’s friend sponsored his pal’s boat trailer down the ramp to choose up a first-rate 22-footer powered with vibrant Suzuki 150s. As soon because the boater’s buddy drove his pal’s trailer down the ramp for the select-up and the boater inched onto the trailer bunks, the trailer tongue popped off the ball and lurched skyward. The trailer then slid down the concrete ramp, and the wheels went off the brink of the ramp, and the trailer axle locked up at the ramp facet.

Under the watchful eyes of a small ramp audience, the boater’s friend, cool as a cucumber, dove beneath the water and attached a tie strap to the submerged trailer axle. The boater methodically cleated the strap to his bow and used boat energy to existence the trailer’s wheels again onto the threshold of the ramp. Then, at the same time as the boater’s pal and onlookers struggled to drag the trailer again to the all-important ball, the boater stored the trailer from sliding back through the use of boat energy to keep it on the ramp.

Of course, this becomes an unusually entertaining boat ramp day. Dockmasters will inform you that maximum boat launchings and recoveries are quite recurring. You simply by no means know, although, whilst a real boat-ramp doozy will unfold.


To keep away from turning into a focal point of spectators at your favorite boat ramp, all and sundry boaters want to ensure to do what those dudes failed to do: 1) Safety chain for the boat trailer; 2) Locking pin for the trailer tongue latch; 3) Boat plug mounted; 4) Launch vehicle in park or emergency brake implemented.

And don’t neglect your PFDs.

V. Paul Reynolds is an editor of the Northwoods Sporting Journal. Likewise, he is a Maine guide and host of a weekly radio application, “Maine Outdoors,” heard at 7 p.M. Sundays on The Voice of Maine News-Talk Network. He has authored three books

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