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Divided via jobs, united in pursuit of boom

Dominated with the aid of the Yadav network, Rewari is the pulse of southern Haryana, which units the political tone for the whole Gurgaon Lok Sabha seat for you to go to the polls on May 12. It accommodates constituencies — Rewari metropolis and Bawal.

Rao Inderjit Singh, a native of Rewari, has dominated south Haryana politics because of the unflinching aid of the Yadav community, also known as Ahirs. However, in the approaching polls, a strong Yadav chief is likely to be fielded by using the Congress as nicely, cutting up the votes and disillusioned political calculations.

An HT group visited some of the villages around Rewari and the antique town to envision the temper of the humans and discover the issues that would determine how humans on this assembly constituency will vote.

Divided via jobs, united in pursuit of boom 1

Rewari district has a populace of approximately five lakh, with 220,492 electorates. Rewari town is a vintage urban agreement that existed even at Partition, say locals. Many Punjabis and Banias migrated to the city in 1947, and they now form the hub of the trading community.

In the beyond Lok Sabha elections, Rewari overwhelmingly voted for Rao Inderjit Singh over Rao Narbir Singh in 2009, once they registered 85,096 and 43,210 votes, respectively, in Rewari. In 2014, Rao Inderjit Singh acquired one hundred eighty,181 votes in Rewari at the same time as his closest opponent, Zakir Hussain, obtained 31,685 votes.

Rao Inderjit Singh was additionally helped by using the truth that during 2014, he switched to the Bharatiya Janata Party previous to the polls, which helped him sail the Modi wave. But this time, political watchers say, he might face an extraordinary undertaking.

“The Gurgaon Lok Sabha seat contains important regions — Rewari and Mewat. The Ahirs vote for a Yadav candidate, and the Meo Muslim network votes for their Muslim candidate. This time, sturdy Yadav applicants Rao Inderjit Singh and Ajay Yadav are in the fray, which will break up the Yadav votes. If no robust Muslim applicants enter the fray, the Meos will gravitate toward Congress. Now it relies upon who AAP-JJP and INLD provide price tickets to. If a sturdy Mev is within the fray, then BJP might be higher placed,” said Anil Arya, a political analyst and a journalist.

People in rural elements of Rewari stated task advent with the aid of the state authorities may go off their favor in the Lok Sabha elections. Basic infrastructure, along with roads, in rural regions has additionally improved.

However, residents of the Rewari metropolis stated the government had failed to enhance primary services within the town. Traders and business people are skeptical of vote casting for the BJP due to the twin jolts of demonetization and Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Development in South Haryana

A go-to Rewari ultimate Sunday revealed that jobs had been created, and numerous developmental works were taken up in the district.

“The recruitment has been fair, and jobs have long gone to meritorious candidates. Be it police or other government departments; many Rewari teenagers have got jobs for the first time. Earlier, there has been best corruption and political manipulation,” stated Surender Singh, a resident of Rewari.

As consistent with government information, 980 kids have been recruited from Rewari in the Group D category by way of the Haryana authorities. As many as 640 men and women have been hired in the Haryana Police, and 590 have been allocated jobs in different authorities departments, consisting of the kingdom civil carrier, forest branch, and miscellaneous jobs.

Sitting at a tea stall near Kalaka village, a collection of nearby residents may be visible discussing politics and life. They are unanimous in announcing that underneath preceding governments, it changed into a fashionable practice to transfer the sales generated in Gurugram and Haryana to different parts of the state, but this has been curtailed to a volume. “It changed into due to this that Gurugram and different components of south Haryana voted overwhelmingly to ensure the victory of BJP within the country meeting election because the celebration had promised to carry uniform improvement across the country,” stated Mahabir Singh, a resident of Sanghwari village.

Locals in Sanghwari, a village ruled by the Gujjar network, stated that avenue and energy connectivity had stepped forward. They, however, claimed they might be unhappy due to “corrupt practices” in the sales and police departments. They also demanded more jobs in the private area and said that authorities’ jobs are not enough. They also want gaps within the crop coverage scheme to be bridged. “The roads in Rewari had been in a shambles 5 years ago. Property sellers dominated the roost, and farmers feared losing their land because the hazard of the acquisition was always there. All this has ended inside the remaining 4 years, and hopefully, things will improve on this area,” said Subash, sixty-one, an ex-serviceman and resident of Sanghwari.

The villagers stated that with the real estate quarter in the doldrums, the hold of property sellers has loosened.


A resident stated that although there can be discontent within the united states of America over the lack of employment introduction beneath the principal authorities, the temper in Rewari become a little distinct, a resident stated. From Kapriwas, the first village of the constituency, to Raja was, the closing village, the villagers, stated they’re getting extra government jobs.

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