BiT takes modular furniture to the following level

Finnish designers Sanna and Mika Myllylä from Living Spaces have created a modular furnishings idea that can transform in a matter of seconds. Dubbed BiT, the series of upholstered shapes without problems be a part of together using magnets, giving the consumer the liberty to regulate the furniture for diverse uses.
The concept was inspired to offer an area-saving answer for small homes while also providing an amusing and innovative living room or bedroom for families with small youngsters. After years of developing the idea, the duo has now finished a running prototype, with hopes of taking their introduction to the market thru a crowdfunding campaign.

BiT takes modular furniture to the following level 1

Specially designed to convert between several layouts and uses, the BiT collection of modular shapes can be used to create a three-seater couch; modular L-fashioned sofa; double sofa; single armchair; gaming station; sofa table; espresso desk; bedding for one or humans; or whole transformable kids play center.

Taking thought from kid’s building blocks, the BiT series can be used to construct quite a lot of any form you or your kids can believe. A bunch of accessories additionally approach game enthusiasts can create their best gaming station, which includes: Games FPS Armchair; Games F1 and IndyCar Armchair; Games Car Simulator Armchair; and Games Fighter Jet Armchair. Furthermore, the small parts imply the couch is lightweight and easy to move or flow around.

Owning a couch has many challenges,” says Mika Myllylä, CEO and Innovator at Living Spaces. “My spouse Sanna and I were each transferring pretty lots. Carrying heavy upholstered furniture become such a drag that I regularly abandoned the sofa at a recycling center earlier than relocation … After our daughter harm her head on a settee arm while bouncing at the sofa, we determined we had had enough of traditional sofas. We wanted to give our daughter the maximum educative and energetic surroundings feasible. We also wanted complete, unlimited freedom to decide how we would like to apply the living room. After five years of intensive studies and development, it’s miles entire.”

Keeping child safety in mind, BiT capabilities a chain of different shaped soft sofa pieces that collectively restore the use of robust indoor magnets. The modules are frameless and haven’t any tight corners or parts (except for the upload on add-ons), making them safe for youngsters elderly four and over. The collection also incorporates lower back support elements and is designed to offer accurate lower back and postural help, consistent with conventional sofa lounges and armchairs. The blocks are made with solvent-unfastened materials and do not include any wood or toxic glues, paints, or lacquer.

Our idea was to create fixtures that might be reformed to satisfy everybody’s day-by-day needs regardless of age,” says the duo. “We put protection and cleanability to our first precedence. Safeness and low weight have been executed by making every piece frameless. That, in flip, helped to omit masses of traditional couch additives. BiT adapts to various normal conditions, including wonder visitors, changing social conditions, children’s physical play, and traumatic task and gaming environments. We desired a tender associate to observe us everywhere for years in preference to months. The couch should not be a disposable product.”

Sanna and Mika Myllylä are currently looking for crowdfunding support to help launch BiT onto the market. Interested shoppers can assist the venture via Indiegogo till the 29th of April 2019, with expenses starting at US$231 for a -piece ottoman. Shipping is slated for October if all goes to the plot.

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