Cream of the crop floors for Bannister Downs Dairy

Founded in 1924 using pioneers Edith and James Daubney, Bannister Downs Dairy Farm became named as such way to Edith’s maiden call Bannister. Passed down thru the generations, the farm is now managed using Daubney’s grandson and his family.

Following the deregulation of the dairy industry inside the millennium year, the Daubney own family noticed an opportunity to a method and bottle milk in its creamery facility.

Cream of the crop floors for Bannister Downs Dairy 1

In the pursuit of excellence, every element of the facility was carefully deliberate and considered from the ground up. To ensure that the creamery maintained precise hygiene, the hard-wearing, chemical-resistant polyurethane resin gadget Flowfresh SR turned into established.

Thanks to its degree of chemical resistance, Flowfresh SR becomes best for the silo location, kitchen, processing, blending, components, and filling rooms, wherein there could be a high chance of produce being spilled or dropped.

In a similar vein, the polyurethane resin system is proof against temperatures from -15°C to ninety°C, meaning there might be no danger of ground failure inside the cool working room, freezer, cool garage room, and Ambi chamber regions of the ability.

Regular exposure to foodstuffs and varying temperatures can take its toll on lesser flooring over time. For instance, lactose in dairy is natural sugar, which can be corrosive to a ground’s coating if there is each day publicity. Strong chemical cleaners used to scrub away spillages of this nature may have a further destructive impact on the field if the right houses are not distinctive. Therefore, having an excessive chemical resistance changed into the imperative to Bannister Downs Dairy.

The durability and abrasion resistance of Flowfresh SR became extremely critical within the dry shop, carton room, and loading dock, in which packaged products could be saved, transported, and loaded onto distribution vehicles. Areas of factor loading are often at the mercy of heavily weighted down pallets and forklift vans sporting weighty gadgets. Moving heavy materials can reason wear on the floor, and abrasions are extraordinarily likely to occur if items are dropped or dragged alongside the end over a prolonged period.

For all food and beverage centers, coving can form a quintessential part of the floors machine. It creates a sealed finish among the floor and wall joint, leaving no gaps for bacteria to reside, develop and multiply. The coving utilized in The Creamery, blended with the seamless, impervious Flowfresh SR finish, guarantees that any spilled produce is quickly and easily cleaned away.

To enhance the hygiene of this system similarly, Flowfresh SR contains Polygiene, an antibacterial additive that could put off up to ninety-nine.Nine% of microorganisms on the ground’s floor while combined with a regular cleaning regime.

With frequent, in-depth cleaning being necessary for such surroundings, the slip resistance of Flowfresh SR enables to hold a secure environment always.

Aside from being useful, Flowcrete Australia is additionally able to supply custom colorings for the ability. Light grey, blue, cream, and powder blue have been used to offer a clean, sparkling aesthetic that mirrored Bannister Downs Dairy’s branding.

The extreme overall performance, aesthetically beautiful nature of the floor is preferred when the creamery expands to encompass a café and a viewing place. Customers can watch the production system earlier than sampling the produce.

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